Ibanez JEM 7v guitar review

The ibanez jem7v Signature Electric Guitar is a top-of-the-line 6-string solidbody capable of exploring the most extreme sonic territories at any speed. The 5-piece maple/walnut neck is super-smooth for easy riffing and incredibly strong and stable with a lead-friendly thin and flat profile. A 25-1/2″ scale and bolt-on neck joint get you lots of bass and treble response with a quick, precise attack. A 43mm nut provides comfortable string spacing and 24 jumbo frets deliver greater range while the recessed tremolo provides right-hand playing comfort and allows notes to be radically raised as well as lowered. The alder body produces clear, full-bodied vintage tone that serves all your needs from chunky rhythms to searing leads. A trio of screaming ibanez jem7v Evolution pickups (humbuckers at the neck and bridge with a custom single-coil in the mid position), coupled with Split-5 wiring give you all the tonal diversity you crave. And of course, there’s Vai’s signature Monkey Grip on the bass-side body wing. Includes case. Alder body Best known as the body wood for the classic single coil, bolt on neck guitar, alder produces clear, full bodied vintage tone that works well for lead or rhythm work. Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood offers a strong, bright sound and an attractive appearance with a long grain. ibanez jem7v Evolution humbuckers The Evolution neck and bridge humbuckers are the result of 2 years of research to come up with the right sound for a very demanding player and his axe: Steve Vai and his ibanez jem7v. Both pickups are designed for maximum impact and power. The neck pickup is fat, punchy and loud. The bridge pickup is tight, aggressive and louder. Both pickups have a patented dual-resonance configuration to reproduce more harmonic overtones than conventional humbuckers. The Evolution pickups were originally designed with live gigs in mind, but they have so much presence and definition that they’re great recording pickups, too; they slice right through even the densest mix.

Ibanez 7v guitar for sale


 The ibanez 7v Signature Electric Guitar is a top-of-the-line 6-string solidbody capable of exploring the most extreme sonic territories at any speed. The 5-piece maple/walnut neck is super-smooth for easy riffing and incredibly strong and stable with a lead-friendly thin and flat profile. A 25-1/2″ scale and bolt-on neck joint get you lots of bass and treble response with a quick, precise attack. A 43mm nut provides comfortable string spacing and 24 jumbo frets deliver greater range while the recessed tremolo provides right-hand playing comfort and allows notes to be radically raised as well as lowered. The alder body produces clear, full-bodied vintage tone that serves all your needs from chunky rhythms to searing leads. A trio of screaming DiMarzio Evolution pickups (humbuckers at the neck and bridge with a custom single-coil in the mid position), coupled with Split-5 wiring give you all the tonal diversity you crave. And of course, there’s Vai’s signature Monkey Grip on the bass-side body wing. Includes case.

Ibanez Jem7vwh electric guitar


ibanez jem7vwh is one of the longest anticipated guitars in recent decades. In times when guitar players are massively switching over to 24, 27 and 20-what-not fret guitars, seven, eight and more stirngs, Satch stays faithful to 22-fret six-stringers. But, for his fans who prefer 24-fret guitars, Ibanez and Joe developed ibanez jem7vwh, a solid double-cut with 24 frets. It has a body made of basswood and neck made of maple. Body features ibanez jem7vwh signature carvings on the top and it`s equipped with a bolt-on joint. Edge III trem is fronted with a regular bridge humbucker and a rail humbucker in the neck. Pickups are made by DiMarzio. Maple neck is equipped with ibanez jem7vwh contour in the back and 24-fret rosewood fingerboard on top.

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In 1985 Steve Vai had just stepped into the most coveted and perhaps the most highly scrutinized position in the ibanez jem 7vwh guitar world at that time; guitarist for David Lee Roth, who had just departed from Van Halen. Suddenly thrust into arenas and the spotlight, his equipment needs changed, and ibanez jem 7vwh was time to design a new guitar, of which he could have several made to take on tour. Numerous guitar manufacturers were already clamoring for Vai’s endorsement, and Steve sent spec sheets to many of these companies to see who could best suit his needs. Getting a big endorsement deal was not his objective; getting the best ibanez jem 7vwh guitar was.

Jem 7v Ibanez review


Up for sale is this unbelievable jem 7v guitar in floral fabric. Those who are familiar with this guitar would know that this jem 7v model comes with different floral patterns but there is one or two which are very common. I’m happy to present you with one that is completely unique (see picture). I have never seen this design before and this is 100% authentic jem 7v not a knock off.

This jem 7v guitar is brand new collector’s grade, meaning I have not gigged jem 7v nor played it for more than a few minutes. I was the first owner and it has been in my possession as a collectible and has it’s usual pitting on the backplate. All hardware is original and you won’t find a single nick, chip or scratch on the guitar.

jem 7v seemed like in the 1980′s, a thousand different guitar companies introduced a million different guitars for rock guitarists. Now, most of those guitars (and indeed many of the companies) are history, yet the  Jem guitars have remained as popular and as exciting as ever, a lasting testament to their imagination, practicality, craftsmanship and design.

Jem7v guitar for sale


You can’t argue man. Maybe jem7v was 2nd hand and they didnt tell you. did jem7v come with a certificate or something.


Maybe jem7v was a custom order by somebody else and the guy changed his mind?? I got it brand new from the store with the tags and all that. Long and McQuade in Canada doesn’t sell used as new guitars.


The most likely scenario is that the store of jem7v changed out the items on a new guitar (for whatever reason) and then you bought it. You have a very nice example, however it is not 100% original.


I just don’t understand why they would do that… the pickups are DiMarzio PAF Pros and the middle is the JEM single. Just for the sake of the color??

Ibanez jem7v for sale


ibanez jem7v with case – LIKE NEW – MINT

Original (not the reissue) ibanez jem7v from 1998 in like new MINT condition. ONLY played for 20 times if that.

Comes with Ibanez UV1000 Original Deluxe Hardshell case.

– PAF Pro pickups

– 24 NEW frets

– green vine inalys

– basswood body and real fabric top

– lo-pro tremolo (the best in the world)

– gotoh tuners

Bought it as a collection piece so I’m not playing this guitar at all. I’m a huge Steve Vai fan. The FP is one of the sweetest sounding/looking ibanez jem7v!

This is like new! Absolutely NO ISSUES! No scratches, no cracks, no bumps, NOTHING! MINT MINT MINT!

Ibanez jem 7v guitars


The ibanez jem 7v was introduced in 1988, one year after the initial introduction of the JEM series. It was available in the US until 1999 but returned in 2003 as the 15th Anniversary ibanez jem 7v. Outside the US it never was discontinued and remained in production from 1988 through 2004. With its 17 years of production, it was the longest running JEM model until it got surpassed by the JEM7V in 2009.

The ibanez jem 7v was only the first floral pattern JEM, a second one was introduced in 1988 as the ibanez jem 7v and a third one in 2010 as the ibanez jem 7v.


Ibanez jem7v guitar for sale


ot too long ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 1989 ibanez jem7v (JEM77FP). You know, one of those Steve Vai signature guitars from the late 80’s? I picked ibanez jem7v up used, and it was in pretty great shape aside from some nicks and scratches on the back. Pretty ibanez jem7v standard considering it’s pushing 22 years old. I was ecstatic when I first saw it, as Vai is my childhood guitar hero. He’s a big contributor to my having picked up the guitar in the first place. It’s an extremely versatile ibanez jem7v guitar, packing the Floyd Rose licensed versatile Lo Pro Edge tremelo alongside a 24 fret neck, of which the 21st through 24th are scalloped. The bolt on neck, a five piece maple and walnut with a rosewood fingerboard, has a vine inlay, and the body of ibanez jem7v is American Basswood covered in it’s classic floral pattern, which ibanez jem7v is actually a cloth adorned with the pattern that has been clear-coated onto the body.

Ibanez jem 7v wh electric guitar


Up for sale is this unbelievable ibanez jem 7v wh guitar in floral fabric. Those who are familiar with this guitar would know that this model comes with different floral patterns but there is one or two which are very common. I’m happy to present you with one that ibanez jem 7v wh is completely unique (see picture). I have never seen this design before and this is 100% authentic ibanez jem 7v wh not a knock off.

It is a ibanez jem 7v wh guitar designed by Steve Vai, to be the ultimate guitar for his personal tastes and idiosyncrasies, and ibanez jem 7v wh seems that guitar players all over the world agree that it is the ultimate rock guitar, blending the best features of historical favorites with visionary advancements.